What are the 10 Locum Medical Specialist that have the highest demand in Australia


14 May What are the 10 Locum Medical Specialist that have the highest demand in Australia

While doctors from overseas are constantly encouraged to practice their specialties in Australia, the specific aspect of filling in temporary positions at clinics and hospitals for other doctors who may be sick or on leave is exceptionally fulfilling and lucrative at the same time. Unlike permanent positions, locum positions present the opportunity to travel frequently from one region to another, making this system of practicing medicine in Australia far more interesting for doctors who are keen to travel.

Positions are available at both public and private medical establishments, including those stationed in remote areas. With a wide range of attractive locum pay rates to choose from, doctors now have the chance to take their pick from a variety of highly engaging locum jobs that are based all over the country, with the freedom to choose over and over again as their temporary shifts are concluded from one healthcare institution to the other.

So, with numerous categorised medical professions out there, which locum professions stand out from the rest? Here is a countdown of 10 such positions.

Number 10: Anaesthetics

Anaesthetists have the opportunity to gear their skill sets towards general surgery or emergency medicine (including aero retrieval medicine), filling in the gaps of doctors who are either on leave, are sick or are unavailable due to seminars. Forming an indispensable part of any surgery or critical care team, the position of any anaesthetist can seldom afford to lie vacant, thereby creating much priority for this placement in any medical establishment in Australia.

Number 9: Cardiology

Being one of the most important medical fields of expertise for maintaining overall public welfare, cardiology presents attractive locum rates for doctors planning to work temporary shifts in different medical institutions, along with sponsored travel/accommodation and salary incentives for placements in remote areas within the country.

Number 8: Orthopaedics

Dealing with the framework of bones in the human body, Orthopaedic Surgeons are in high demand in Australia to occupy vacant positions in the absence of another doctor. With the ability to schedule work shifts according to one’s own preferences, working as a locum Orthopaedist is now possible in conjunction to a full-time position. Placements in sparsely populated or remote areas also offer higher hourly rates, making this profession seem all the more appealing to fellow Orthopaedists both in the country and abroad.

Number 7:  Emergency Medicine

With the field of Emergency Medicine standing no chance for vacant positions considering the quotient of urgent care required during critical moments and in ICUs, doctors who are able to fulfil the duties pertaining to any emergency ward be it in the city or countryside are constantly on the hunt by medical establishments. Emergency Medicine may also involve positions pertaining to Aero Retrieval, thereby making a locum position in this field all the more dynamic.

Number 6: Neurology

The department of Neurology at any well established hospital offers both inpatient and outpatient services to patients, complete with diagnostic facilities such as examinations etc. Locum positions potentially exist for Consultant Neurologists, or even along the emergency ward of this particular department.

Number 5: Psychiatry

A demand that is fairly new when it comes to recruiting doctors for filling locum positions, the Psychiatry medical profession now features progressive yet exciting opportunities for doctors to choose from one region of practice to another – be it an advanced urban cityscape or a more scenic rural ambience. Choices also differ from whether one wishes to focus on locum positions alone, or to simply take a break from a permanent position for a change of scenery and a working holiday.

Niches vary from adult, adolescent, child, community and elderly psychiatry.

Number 4: Obstetrics and Gynaecology

With placements available in both public and private medical institutions, locum positions pertaining to Obstetrics and Gynaecology are available at the wards, to consultations. As like any other locum placement, this medical field of expertise also offers the opportunity to travel to numerous regions within the country and explore the nature of medical establishments herein, however with the added advantage of also being able to choose between the types of cases prevalent in different medical institutions, along with the amount of workload assigned.

Opportunities are also available to either practice the temporary placement system of locum on a full-time basis, or fill the positions of other doctors during weekends.

Number 3: Paediatrics

From the Paediatrics ward in private and public hospitals to specialist clinics located in remote areas, locum positions in the field of Paediatrics also help open doors to pursue related niches such as Paediatric emergency medicine.

The ability to consistently shift places of work is a great catalyst for being able to get acquainted and accustomed to different people, cultures and geographical locations, making first-hand experience in the field of medicine count in the long-term.

Number 2: Surgery

Similar to Paediatrics, the medical field of Surgery enables doctors to pursue other traits of medicine such as Emergency Medicine as well, or even Paediatrics per se. Opportunities exist countrywide, be it for a Consultant Surgeon or a Medical Resident.

Number 1: General Practice and Family Medicine

By far, the medical role of the General Practitioner has been the most sought for by the Australian medical industry. As a result, overseas doctors are also widely encouraged to apply for GP jobs in Australia, as the country’s elderly population seems to comprise a significant fraction on a demographic level. With approximately 13.7% of the total population predicted to be between the age of 65 to 79 and up to 4.3% expected to be over the age of 80 by the year 2020, the Australian medical industry seeks for more General Practitioners who are capable of catering to these masses in a timely and effective manner.

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