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Mental Health Tips for Healthcare Workers in Australia

POSTED ON 01-03-2021

..as a doctor its crucial to maintain your mental and emotional health. Good mental health is more than just the absence of mental illness

Travel Restrictions and Conditions for Doctors During Covid-19

POSTED ON 22-02-2021

the State and Health authorities in Australia is gradually easing travel restrictions allowing domestic travel and wider range of practice locations for doctors to choose from..Before travelling... Read More

How to Register as a Doctor in New Zealand

POSTED ON 16-02-2021

registration pathways have a basic common process of registering…The registration pathway appropriate for you can be self-assessed through the MCNZ Registration Self-Assessment Tool. Through this... Read More

Pathways to Register with Medical Council of New Zealand

POSTED ON 12-02-2021

There are three major registration pathways to register with the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) to practice as a GP in New Zealand. Each Scope has many application pathways to which there are... Read More

Register as a GP in New Zealand | Medfuture

POSTED ON 12-02-2021

..three main pathway scopes: General, Vocational and Special Purpose Scope. Each scope has multiple application pathways and specific requirements to be met in order to register.

How to become a Locum Doctor in Australia?

Often Locum positions request the candidate to have a provider number—a unique number you can get if you are an eligible health professional recognized for Medicare services. Locums in private practice including General Practice must have a Provider Number since you will not be able to charge patients Medicare fees for the services provided—therefore the locum role wouldn’t be viable.

5 Reasons to work as a Locum Doctor

While having the advantage of meeting many new people, grow their professional network, and work with a diverse range of patients, Locum Doctors can earn a much better income since locum work generally pays well. As a Doctor struggling to build up their bank account and lead a financially stable life or trying to pay off student medical debts, working part-time ass a locum doctor can be very helpful to earn an extra income.

How Much Can a Locum Doctor Earn in Australia?

Moreover, doctors working in the private sector are usually salaried considerably higher than those in the public sector. However, in Australia the salaries of locum doctors within the public sector are governed by several frameworks and policies in place. Take a look at these example policies —the NSW Junior Doctor Rates Policy and the QLD Health Locum arrangements and conditions.

General Practice Fellowships in Australia

There are various pathways to being recognized as a General Practitioner in Australia. Each GP Training program have their specific eligibility criteria. As an applicant, you need to self-review your individual eligibility for each GP Training Program.

Quick Summary of Pathways to Registration in Australia

Explore the different pathways available for International Medical Graduates to get registered in Australia. As an overseas Doctor seeking registration to practice medicine in Australia, you need to provide evidence of eligibility to undertake..

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