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Medfuture Referral Program Terms & Conditions

By participating in Medfuture’s ‘Refer & Earn’ program, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stipulated below
  • To refer a candidate, referees have to be registered with MedFuture at the time of making the referral.
  • A referral can be made via the following methods:
  • The registration form on the website
  • E-mail
  • Verbally (phone / in person)
  • You will only be eligible for the referral incentive if:
  • The referred doctor is a new candidate who has not previously registered with Medfuture
  • The referred doctor has not previously used the services of Medfuture
Please note that it is your responsibility to ascertain whether the referral has been registered or engaged in any services with Medfuture, prior to submitting the referral.
  • Referees may refer as many candidates as they choose if the referrals meet Medfuture’s eligibility requirements.
  • Referrals will be deemed as invalid where the prospect and the referring party are one and the same individual.
  • In the event of the same referral being submitted multiple times by different referees, the first entry will become eligible for the reward.
  • Referrals will be valid for 12 months from the date a candidate referral is received by Medfuture.
  • A ‘Refer & Earn’ Privilege Card, along with a $500 top-up will be issued to the referee when the referred prospect is successfully placed through Medfuture.
The term ‘successful placement’ has been defined below, in the contexts of both permanent and locum placements:
  • A successful permanent placement is defined as a candidate who has completed the initial three-month full-time-equivalent assignment.
  • A successful locum placement is defined as a candidate who has worked a minimum of five shifts within 12 months of their referral.
  • A fixed amount of $1000 will be topped-up to the Privilege Card each time a new referral is made and the referred candidate has been successfully placed through Medfuture.
  • The ‘Refer & Earn’ Privilege Card will be dispatched to the referee (with the initial top-up) within 30 days of the successful placement.
  • Holders of the ‘Refer & Earn’ Privilege Card will only become eligible to receive periodic gifts and rewards after the completion of one year, from the date the Privilege Card has been issued. The awarding of these gifts and rewards to the referee will be at the complete discretion of Medfuture.
  • Medfuture reserves the right to terminate or alter this program at any given time, without notice.

Respecting your privacy as well as that of the referred party’s is a priority for us. By accepting the terms and conditions furnished above, you acknowledge that you hold the authority to disclose the personal details of the referred party. Without this authority, acknowledge that you are ineligible to participate in the ‘Refer & Earn’ program by Medfuture. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.
If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us on 1300 633 388.

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