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About Medfuture

Medfuture is wholly committed in ensuring professional and exceptional growth in the medical recruitment field of Australia. Launched in July 2014, we have quickly become the industry leader for Australia’s medical recruitment. We source only the highest qualified professionals from around the globe to place in private and public healthcare positions. We have consistently delivered bespoke services to not only doctors from around the world who seek to work in Australia but also top medical providers in Australia searching for personnel of the highest calibre to join their team.

Through providing only the highest quality services we have gained the respect of medical industry professionals throughout Australia. Our reputation in the field of medical recruitment has set us head and shoulders above the rest. This has ensured that the top medical practices in the country turn to us first when looking to recruit new professional staff. This has also enabled us to secure exclusive contracts with the leading healthcare professionals in Australia who trust us to seek out only the most qualified candidates for their available positions.

We provide placement services for locum, temporary and permanent medical staff in the healthcare industry and always seek to find the most perfect match for our valued clients. We take every new position brought to us as an opportunity to showcase our excellence and expertise in the medical placement sector. Our tailored approach to medical appointments coupled with utmost professionalism and commitment to our clients make up our approach to medical placement unique.

Medfuture Logo

Bespoke professional service.

  • Tailored solutions.
  • Highly trained staff.
  • Established success rate.
  • Professional network.
  • Client satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Proven track record.
  • Large network of professionals.
  • High working standards.
  • Client - centered.

Medfuture Charter

Please take a look at our Medfuture Charter, we have committed together to pledge the best Practices. We aspire to help our candidates perform, grow and realize their full potential. We undertake a pledge to: -

  • Be fair, legal and ethical every step of the way.
  • Be diverse and inclusive in our placements.
  • Offer top quality recruitment practice and apply the same strong ethics and practice to all candidates and clients, no matter the job.
  • Ensure a high standard of candidate and check candidate credentials and experience, before proposing them up for jobs.
  • To communicate with our candidates and our clients.
  • To keep our candidate and our clients informed of the process all the way through. This includes two-way feedback.
  • Ensure high standards of our staff and our candidates and commit to continued progress, learning and development.
  • Ensure the any external recruitment providers are signed up to the right Industry codes of conduct and practice.
  • Commit to excellent quality recruitment process, including outsourced support services
  • Review our recruitment procedures on a regular basis.
  • Keep up to date the industry, technology and recruitment approaches.

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